BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterA gitignore file for ss7Tzafrir Cohen10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-08-22A gitignore file for ss7HEADmasterTzafrir Cohen
2012-08-22asterisk_gitignore: Extra ignores for pjprojectTzafrir Cohen
2012-08-19clone: a script to automate git svn cloneTzafrir Cohen
2012-06-06git-post-review: also set branchTzafrir Cohen
2012-06-06git-post-review: post a review to the ReviewBoardTzafrir Cohen
2012-06-06Extra DAHDI firmwares to ignoreTzafrir Cohen
2011-12-08menuselect: fix support_level and moreTzafrir Cohen
2011-12-08git-asterisk-howto: fix git syntax.Tzafrir Cohen
2011-11-23parse <support_level> and '<use type='Tzafrir Cohen
2011-08-28gen_authos: also include bebuildTzafrir Cohen