BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
13Merge "res_pjsip.c: Fix ident_to_str() and refactor ident_handler()." into 13Jenkins26 years
14AST-2017-012: Place single RTCP report block at beginning of report.Joshua Colp6 years
15Merge "CLI: Fix 'core set debug channel' completion bug." into 15Joshua Colp6 years
cdr_mysql_emptycdr_mysql: run a full reconnect on log if not connectedTzafrir Cohen6 years
masterMerge "bridge_softmix: Clear "talking" when a channel is put on hold"Jenkins26 years
13.15.0-rc1commit 552cf009c0...Kevin Harwell7 years
13.12.2commit ee73af1d88...George Joseph7 years
13.12.1commit 7d7b52c434...Mark Michelson7 years
13.12.0commit 226a7e36c5...Mark Michelson7 years
13.12.0-rc1commit df75b647da...Mark Michelson7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-22Merge "bridge_softmix: Clear "talking" when a channel is put on hold"HEADmasterJenkins2
2018-03-22Merge "Revert "BuildSystem: In NetBSD, the Python Programming Language is pyt...Jenkins2
2018-03-21Revert "BuildSystem: In NetBSD, the Python Programming Language is python-X.Y."George Joseph
2018-03-21Merge "core: Stop using AST_INLINE_API for allocator functions."Jenkins2
2018-03-21Merge "rtp: Add REMB RTP property and set it on PJSIP video RTP."Jenkins2
2018-03-21Merge "chan_sip: Peers with distinct source ports don't match, regardless of ...Jenkins2
2018-03-21Merge "func_channel: Delete dead CHANNEL_TRACE code"Jenkins2
2018-03-20bridge_softmix: Clear "talking" when a channel is put on holdKevin Harwell
2018-03-20BuildSystem: For consistency, avoid extra libs to be empty.Alexander Traud
2018-03-20Merge "core: Remove additional symbols."Joshua Colp