AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-07Better patch detailsHEADmasterTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: some simple sparse fixesTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: remove an unused variableTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: move span callbacs to a separate structureTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: remove 'pvt' member of dahdi_spanTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12initial ap400 driverTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12Switch to dahdi-linux 2.4Tzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12Move span callbacs to a separate structureTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-08remove 'pvt' member of dahdi_spanTzafrir Cohen
2010-08-24set modules to be ower-s of their spansTzafrir Cohen
2010-07-31revert index fix from zaphfc r7Tzafrir Cohen
2010-04-19Bump default dahdi version to 2.3 (branch)Tzafrir Cohen
2010-04-19Remove trailing whitespace from patch headerTzafrir Cohen
2010-03-10gen-patch: the branch is actually 2.2Tzafrir Cohen
2010-03-10gen-patch: get rid of generated .mod.c filesTzafrir Cohen
2010-03-10use branch 2.2.1 as the base branch for patchTzafrir Cohen
2010-03-10Solved typo (see issue 1) Thanks to reporter.Jose A. Deniz
2010-01-21Don't copy Kconfig twice in the patchTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-21More coding-style changes in mmx.hTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-21Style cleanups in fir.h and mmx.hTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-21use explicit union instead of typedefTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-21Add a more proper MMX support to OSLECTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-21Revert back to OSLECTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-09sched.h was also removed from interrupts.hTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-06Generate a standard header for the patch.Tzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Remove unneeded stuff from main MakefileTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05build/patch opvxa1200.cTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05opvxa1200.c r122 from OpenVox SVNTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Ignore the right patch nameTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05build/patch wcopenpci as wellTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05wcopenpci from current Debian packageTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Also build/patch zaphfcTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Alias vzaphfc added. Added while(0) missing in 2.6.30 patch Corrected system ...Jose A. Deniz
2010-01-05Added support for kernel 2.6.30Jose A. Deniz
2010-01-05Refformating code. Some minor fixes in defs.Jose A. Deniz
2010-01-05Initial state. It works but a lot of stuff to clean at codeJose A. Deniz
2010-01-05Introduce the build systemTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Ignore generated filesTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05Bring OSLEC up-to-date with out-of-tree versionTzafrir Cohen
2010-01-05OSLEC from kernel.orgTzafrir Cohen