BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermenuselect: Remove last bits completely from the repoRuss Meyerriecks10 years
svn_2.2Fix bashism (Raphael Geissert, checkbashism)Tzafrir Cohen13 years
svn_2.3xpp_fxloader: Don't try to load FPGA firmware twiceTzafrir Cohen12 years
svn_2.4README.Astribank: HWEC and build instructionsTzafrir Cohen11 years
svn_2.5README.Astribank: load module => module loadTzafrir Cohen10 years
svn_2.6xpp: improved waitfor_xpdsTzafrir Cohen10 years
svn_trunkmenuselect: Remove last bits completely from the repoRuss Meyerriecks10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-09-21menuselect: Remove last bits completely from the repoHEADsvn_trunkmasterRuss Meyerriecks
2012-09-21dahdi-monitor: Fix broken control-C behavior and -F output optionRuss Meyerriecks
2012-09-20xpp: add missing includeTzafrir Cohen
2012-09-20dahdi-tools: xpp: cleanup dead code in xtalkTzafrir Cohen
2012-09-20xtalk: checkpatch clean (almost)Tzafrir Cohen
2012-09-20xtalk: Demote one ERR() to DBG()Tzafrir Cohen
2012-09-20xtalk: Caller passes xusb_spec to xusb_find_iface()Tzafrir Cohen
2012-09-20xtalk: allow dump_packet() without debug flagsTzafrir Cohen
2012-07-29README.Astribank: load module => module loadTzafrir Cohen
2012-05-14dahdi_hardware: Detect the Digium TE820 card.Shaun Ruffell