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masterDebian packagingTzafrir Cohen9 years
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2013-08-27Debian packagingHEADmasterTzafrir Cohen
2013-02-07add so we can include this moduleJames Vasile
2012-12-26document per-app socket pathsbnewbold
2012-12-26can't change permissions if non-rootbnewbold
2012-12-26add user socket ownership optionbnewbold
2012-12-26more rigorous socket clobbering checksbnewbold
2012-12-25add atexit socket cleanupbnewbold
2012-12-25hash secret keys all over the placebnewbold
2012-12-25comment socket code; enforce only one client connectionbnewbold
2012-12-25refactor auth checks with a decorator; fail fastbnewbold