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masterFix installation destinationsTzafrir Cohen9 years
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2013-09-03Fix installation destinationsHEADmasterTzafrir Cohen
2013-09-03One extra case of import from vendorTzafrir Cohen
2013-09-03Remove a copied pyinstall fileTzafrir Cohen
2013-09-02Separate directories for code and dataTzafrir Cohen
2013-09-02post- scripts: handle configuration filesTzafrir Cohen
2013-08-27Debian packagingTzafrir Cohen
2013-06-26Merge pull request #11 from tomgalloway/masterNick Daly
2013-04-25Added withsqlite submodule.Tom Galloway
2013-04-24If needed instead of an elif.Tom Galloway
2013-04-23Add hosting and auto-archive-creation.Nick Daly