BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
WIPWIPTzafrir Cohen5 years
masterVersion 0.0.3Tzafrir Cohen5 years
master_develvideos: Display series descriptionTzafrir Cohen5 years
kan-0.0.3commit 6da19b0655...Tzafrir Cohen5 years
kan-0.0.2commit aba2432702...Tzafrir Cohen5 years
kan-0.0.1commit 984e9ff9ab...Tzafrir Cohen5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-25Version 0.0.3HEADkan-0.0.3masterTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-25A dummy cache to disable caching when neededTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-25parallel (multithreaded) parsing of main pagesTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-25remove caching of downloaded HTML pagesTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-25cache specific program pagesTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-24cache top program pagesTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-23No need for a COPYRIGHT file. See LICENSE.txtTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-23Add a README and a COPYRIGHT filekan-0.0.2Tzafrir Cohen
2017-11-23Add support for net-showsTzafrir Cohen
2017-11-23Use the USER_AGENT constantTzafrir Cohen