BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debpacksaner copyright issue; cleaner man pageTzafrir Cohen13 years
masterRevert the change to encode the uploaded content as UTF-8.Christian Hammond13 years
release-0.2rc1commit cef99010a0...Christian Hammond13 years
release-0.2beta2commit ae8a82e11d...Christian Hammond13 years
release-0.2beta1commit ca1f9807a6...chipx8614 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-03-10Revert the change to encode the uploaded content as UTF-8.HEADmasterChristian Hammond
2010-03-10Prevent a failure when there's an error reading a diff.Christian Hammond
2010-02-24Protect against an uninitialized variable.Christian Hammond
2010-02-24Fix two issues when using post-review with Subversion.Christian Hammond
2010-02-21Fix the default changeset support with more recent versions of P4.Christian Hammond
2010-02-21Fix a crash when using ClearCase.Christian Hammond
2010-02-13Bump to 0.2 RC 2.Christian Hammond
2010-02-13Release RBTools v0.2 RC 1.release-0.2rc1Christian Hammond
2010-02-13Add Thilo-Alexander Ginkel and Petr Novák to the AUTHORS list.Christian Hammond
2010-02-13Filter out usernames from Mercurial repository paths in .hgrcChristian Hammond