BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterzaptel-base,xpp,wcte12xp,wctdm24xxp,wctdm,pciradio: Compilation updates.Shaun Ruffell13 years
svn_1.0remove CVS ignore listskpfleming17 years
svn_1.2Fixing issue #13954 in zaptel 1.2.tzafrir14 years
svn_1.4zaptel-base,xpp,wcte12xp,wctdm24xxp,wctdm,pciradio: Compilation updates.Shaun Ruffell13 years
svn_trunkAdd logging for 'make update' command (also fixes updates in some places). I...qwell15 years
svn_v1-0update changelogrussell17 years
svn_v1-2eliminate preprocessor warningskpfleming17 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-11-19zaptel-base,xpp,wcte12xp,wctdm24xxp,wctdm,pciradio: Compilation updates.HEADsvn_1.4masterShaun Ruffell
2009-10-04xpp: Use proper get/set for device->driver_datasruffell
2009-10-04wctc4xxp: Update to use struct net_device_ops.sruffell
2009-09-25xpp firmware: Fixes PCM issue with FXO that is not a timing sourcetzafrir
2009-08-13voicebus: Define CONFIG_STORE_USER on 2.6.22 when CONFIG_SLUB is defined.sruffell
2009-08-13xpp: On 2.6.22 only define CONFIG_STORE_USER when CONFIG_SLUB is defined.sruffell
2009-08-03ztmonitor: -f alone is a good enough reason to continuetzafrir
2009-07-21dahdi-base: Add support for core timing.sruffell
2009-07-21Revert "wct4xxp, wcte11xp: Use the default configuration by default at startup."sruffell
2009-06-24wct4xxp, wcte11xp: Use the default configuration by default at startup.sruffell