BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBetter patch detailsTzafrir Cohen12 years
zaphfc_cleanupmove d-chan initialization outside of chans loopTzafrir Cohen12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-03-07Better patch detailsHEADmasterTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: some simple sparse fixesTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: remove an unused variableTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: move span callbacs to a separate structureTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12ap400: remove 'pvt' member of dahdi_spanTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12initial ap400 driverTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12Switch to dahdi-linux 2.4Tzafrir Cohen
2010-09-12Move span callbacs to a separate structureTzafrir Cohen
2010-09-08remove 'pvt' member of dahdi_spanTzafrir Cohen
2010-08-24set modules to be ower-s of their spansTzafrir Cohen